Adam Haigh

Theatre Director & Choreographer


Thrilling Choreography

They have much to thanks for the choreography

Skilful dance sections

Excellent Choreography

Choreography is fun & spirited

Brilliantly Directed and Choreographed by Adam Haigh

Adam Haigh has worked wonders

Crisp movement direction

The execution of Adam Haigh's choreography is excellent

Adam Haigh choreographed beautiful duets but also imaginative dance numbers , executed with exceptional timing

Some extraordinary dancing, and I mean thrillingly extraordinary

Choreographer Adam Haigh has achieved miracles in this small space, the opening and closing numbers are simply joyful

Stylish Choreography’

Adam Haigh's choreography is as tight at clockwork, up close the effect is compelling

Adam Haigh’s routines are simply stunning

Impressively Dynamic Choreography

Terrific choreography by Adam Haigh

Choreography is slick & immensely enjoyable

The standard is impressive

Daring and Demanding Dance numbers, it was sensational!

Slick movement direction

Feverish Choreography!

The new big thing is here, and his name is Adam Haigh

Adam Haigh's choreography is worth the ticket price alone

Truly wonderful and a spectacle to watch

Adam Haigh offers highly charged choreography

Deservedly brings the house down

Haigh has choreographed lively work

Meticulously choreographed

Choreography is electric

Adam Haigh moves the ensemble numbers with tact & precision

A complete standout of the whole show is the choreography by Adam Haigh

Extraordinary Cast and creative team

Excellent ensemble dance routines

The choreography by Adam Haigh is energetic and effective

Meticulous direction and choreography

Lively Choreography

Inventive winner of a production

A magnificent dance extravaganza, with some of the best, most inventive and diverse choreography by Adam Haigh

All credit to Adam Haigh for the fabulous choreography

Congrats Adam Haigh, some amazing work

Adam Haigh has fit Spelling Bee into this small space perfectly

Belting Dance Routines

A brilliantly funny, rather surreal and trippy experience director Adam Haigh has created. I loved every minute!

Choreography by Adam Haigh is also excellent, with the chess games staged as ballet and fighting sequences particularly effective.

Dance numbers are nothing short of sensational

Jane and Christians ballet and Margot and Jacques Tango are beautifully choreographed

Wonderful Choreography

Dramatic and touching piece of work

Extremely well-choreographed. The Choreography was clever

The choreography by Adam Haigh is a revelation

The choreography by Adam Haigh, truly is the star of the show

Adam Haigh has given them some brilliant routines

Adam Haigh’s choreography is beyond tremendous, creating some utterly breathtaking stage moments

Adam Haigh’s slick movement direction

Slick and creative dance routines

Inspiring staging

Dynamic Choreography

Adam Haigh has done a cracking job

Vivid and dramatic, the movement is never flagging

The tango is an outstanding routine and the ballet they perform in the penultimate number is a real treat

This production's choreography and singing are impeccable

Adam Haigh makes even the bringing on of props and costumes somewhat balletic

The dance sections were especially impressive

Choreography is often energetic & delightful

Flawless choreography

Adam Haigh’s superb choreography is particularly impressive in such an intimate space, Christian and Janes yearning ballet is a highlight, as is the entire company’s spectacular final number.

Cracking Choreography

Adam Haigh makes good use of the space, the energy is like a balloon on the verge of popping

The Choreography is brilliant

Movement director Adam Haigh ensures not a single moment or movement is wasted

Choreographer Adam Haigh breathed new life into some classic numbers which were certainly hot

Choreographer Adam Haigh seems to expand the familiar dimensions of this theatre and the hoofers hoof with all their hearts

The choreographed movement by Adam Haigh is really clever and inventive

Brilliant choreography

The Full company sequences that book end the show are full of verve, vitality and some jaw dropping moments

Clever, witty Choreography by Adam Haigh

Adam Haigh’s lively choreography harnesses the energy of the young cast brilliantly

His Musical stagings are an absolute delight and the curtain raiser is a case in point. Haigh catapults us into a true hurricane of theatrical activity and really really knows how to marshal his forces and create utterly Lush effects. This is choreography in the highest order.

Blissful Choreography

Courtesy of Adam Haigh, there is some seriously impressive dance going on at The Union Theatre right now

The dance content is the real strength of the show and marvellous to behold

Such Joy, care and attention applied by all involved